Life Update: I Got a Job!

When I first went back to school, I actually had no clue what I wanted to do. I just knew that living that minimum wage life wasn’t for me. I was working two/three jobs and was barely making ends meet. I was working at two different Payless Shoe Source locations (one in Guelph and one in Kitchener) and then I would commute to Cambridge to work at Wal Mart. I loved working at Payless, but hated working at Wal Mart. At the time, I was having the hardest financial struggle I’ve ever had. As if that wasn’t enough, my car was older (he was quite reliable for a really long time – I miss you Cobra!) and he had its own mental break down. I woke up one “beautiful” winter morning and my car didn’t start. I had to call into work and say I wouldn’t be going in, and my manager (who had her own set of on-going issues) was not impressed and told me that if I couldn’t find another way in, she’d have to go in, but I would have to make up the day somehow. At the time, I wanted to be like, “uhm, hello! My car literally won’t start. I live in another city, that has no attaching bus routes, like what do you want me to do? Walk! Because, No.” However, because I’m a respectable human being, I simply said “that’s fine.” I didn’t mind picking up a shift to replace this one anyways.

I ended up having to call a tow truck for my car and got it towed to the nearest mechanic. That mechanic told me that they didn’t do what I needed there and that I’d have to go somewhere else. I ended up have to call the tow truck back, and getting towed to another mechanic. This mechanic inspected my car, and told me I needed a new battery. He told me how much it would cost, and my heart stopped (I needed a new battery as well apparently). I started crying IMMEDIATELY. That had literally never happened to me before. I didn’t have that kind of money and I needed my car to get to work. This, my friends, is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Although, I didn’t immediately decide to go back to school, this was the moment I realized I needed to make a change. Fast forward about six months, and I had enrolled into school. It was weird choice to go into human resources, and it was only supposed to be for a two year program. However, that turned into three, which turned into four years. So, now, here I am. 

I am in my fourth year, with one more semester to go. However, before I can graduate, I need to do a co-op semester. I honestly thought this was going to be easy. My school made it sound like they would find them for us, but that didn’t turn out to be true. I spent almost five months without one, and only one interview (You can read about that here). It was frustrating, my friends and classmates started getting theirs, and there I was without any prospects and nothing lined up. I knew I couldn’t graduate without having one and I was starting to freak out. I had come this far, and how was it possible that God wouldn’t have provided me with one. I had been faithful, I had prayed and I was even trying to stay hopeful. The thing about believing in God, is that faith is only truly at work when you don’t see anything happening. If I had been getting interviews, or even replies to my e-mails, I would have had hope that someone was willing to take a chance on me. But the truth was, that not one person was responding to me, and I started to doubt myself and God.

But alas (yes, I just wrote alas), someone took a chance on the girl that had no experience. I have officially been working for London Hydro for one month. God knew what he was doing when he provided this job to me. I am extremely happy there. I get to do a mixture of things that will help advance my career in the future, all the while experiencing the ins and outs of an established business. Starting a new job is always a little intimidating, but the girls in the office have been great, understanding and kind. It didn’t take me too long before I started to feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. I am hoping and praying, that when my co-op contract ends, they will hire me on (help me pray y’all). Oh, one last thing, there is this really cute boy that takes his lunch break at the same time as me and it’s a random ray of sunshine in my lonely, single, life (hahahaha)

I even get a cool little badge, to get me access to rooms and areas. 

That is all y’all.
Till next time. 
Hopefully something else new and exciting is happening. 


  1. I can actually hear you telling the story about your car breaking down lol. But honestly, God always does have a plan for us. A good one at that.

  2. I can hear you saying this! But it’s a touching story! Love it

  3. OH My. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I remember this. It was dumb! But I’m glad you got something good out of it. All things work together for our good!!

  4. Ruth I am so happy for you!!! Your doing it girl!! All the hard work paying off!! <3

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