Where have I been? Glad you asked.

I've just been here, withering away in my cocoon of solitude. 
Just kidding (am I tho?). 

The truth is that life got a little bit busy there and I essentially have no time management skills. So since the last time we talked, the following occurred: 

1. I graduated from my Advanced Human Resource Diploma program. 
2. I successfully bridged over and I'm currently enrolled in Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree program (that's incredibly long and obnoxious). 
3. My car almost exploded last year (or at least was predicted to by the car doctors) and I had to purchase my FIRST brand new vehicle. His name is Blue and he's a 2016 Kia Rio. 
4. I lived alone. For the first time in my life. There is nothing like it. It's sadly coming to an end this weekend. 
5. I spent 60 dollars on one small vile of oils for my face. Who have I become? 
6. To go along with that, I also bought some anti-aging night cream. Oh my gosh. Seriously. Who am I? 
7. Of course, there have been many small victories in my own personal life but we'll save those for another time. 

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who love me enough to read this. Even though most of you probably already know everything I posted. Because only my best friends read this blog. But if you're new, thank you for coming and stick around!  

      Ps. I am clearly still not a model. Even when I try my absolute best. It’s not a talent I possess. 
K, bye. 


  1. $60 on oils? Anti-aging cream? WHO ARE YOU!

    Jk. Love you.

  2. You know what.. I thought I was a friend friend LOL.. turns out I'm not cuz I didn't know about your car "BLUE" and your face oils! And girl, congrats on graduating with honours! Proud of you. Glad your back to blogging! Now I have something to look forward to weekly. Lol . Lots of love. Xox.


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