Chapter 1: Please like me best!

I went on an interview today. I barely slept all night because I was trying to come up with good answers for certain questions. I don't even know why I even bothered trying to prepare, honestly. I didn't even use anything I had planned, it was all forgotten the minute I got there. 

Interviews are weird. You are genuinely trying to convince someone to like you better than someone else. I am slightly okay with this, as I generally think people like me immediately. I have them at hello. I am a people person. At least, I think so. There might be a slight chance that it's actually that people can't escape me once I've engaged them in conversation. Listen, you better just feel privileged that I'm trying to converse with you. It's not everyday that I'm in a talkative mood. Lies. I'm 95% always willing to have a conversation. 

Anyways, I sat in the interview room with two lovely ladies. My brother gave me a pep talk before I went in. (Awwww, He's so nice.) 

"Walk in there like the job is already yours. Engage them. Make the conversation mean something." 

So, naturally, I cracked a joke. Only one of the ladies laughed. The other was not about that life. How dare I crack a joke in the middle of a professional interview. I proceeded to give thoughtful answers. And they continued to ask probing questions. It was serious. I was serious. For one whole hour. It was exhausting!  

The entire time, I'm just sitting there, hoping that the person before me wasn't a better conversationalist than me. I don't have human resource experience. I snoop around peoples homes for a living ... I mean clean, I clean peoples homes for a living. I'm going to assume that I nailed the interview. If I don't get it, well it wasn't meant for me and obviously they don't like dynamic, effervescent, sassy personalities. And whose loss is it really? Mine. it's totally mine. I need the experience. Please just like me best! 

Oh, I even straightened my hair for this. So like, I deserve this job even more right? 


  1. LOL!!! Ruth you kill me!! You got to show a little of your sense of humour.. who doesn't like working with people that have a good sense of humour?! I think that's a plus! lol anyway... I really hope you got it! & good for you for getting your hair straightened! <3


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