Black & White

Lasting change is a series of compromises. And compromise is all right, as long your values don't change.
-Jane Goodall 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Le Chataeu 

Friendships are tricky things. They require a lot of work. I've been thinking about this a lot recently since my group of friends has drastically gotten smaller since high school. I've been reminiscing on some of my friendships that ended for what seemed like, at the time, really good reasons. Is it possible to "rekindle" a friendship with someone without being too paranoid that they will do the same thing to you again? Should a person receive a second chance if they weren't given the chance to fix whatever the "problem" was in the first place? How does one make this decision?
If you have any ideas or answers, please let me know! 


  1. how cute are you! that skirt goes perfectly with a pop of gold and houndstooth :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  2. I love this look! it's super cute!

  3. i love houndstooth print! still need to add that print to my closet. :)

    cute & little

  4. I think Houndstooth is one of my fave prints too. lol.

    So.. i would pray.. and then go from there. lol.

  5. EEEk, I love houndstooth! Super-cute shirt and great pics!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I love your outfit! The belt totally makes it. You're right, friendships are so tough time goes on.

  7. Love this outfit, Ruth! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Stilettos & Sequins
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  8. I love houndstooth! I need more of it in my life. As for friendships, I think if a friend is worth keeping you'll always be able to pick up where you left off, even if you haven't spoken in months!

    P.S. I'd love it if you would visit my blog, Sarah's Real Life!

  9. Love those shoes & the entire outfit! :)


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