There is beauty in all things.

Photo Cred: Cindy Alvarez
I've come to understand several things about myself this year.
Have you ever had a year where nothing seemed to be going as you had planned it? If my present self could go back to my past self and say something, I would say this " You are not who you think you are, and the dreams you have now won't be the dreams you'll have than-- just keep your eyes on God."
My past self would laugh at me now and say "you're such a softie and how did you get to be so happy?"
And lastly I'd says "feeling something doesn't mean you're weak it just means your alive. Embrace it. Saying something nice isn't going to hurt you, but it will bring someone else some joy. Be generous and just love people."
I've come to understand several things about life this year.
There is beauty in all things. My dad gave a short lesson to my youth group earlier this year that bounces around my head when I have no idea where I'm headed. He said " Do what must be done today and don't worry about the things of tomorrow" -- I have always lived my life postponing major change and major decisions with the thought that tomorrow I'll want something different. And as true as that was it has caused me to worry more about what people want and need from me, that I've managed to put all my dreams on long term hiatus.  I must do what I can today and God will provide for the tomorrow's.
I've come to understand several things about God this year.
When I fell in love with God, I didn't realize it would impact my whole entire life. Don't judge me on that statement. I thought I would be able to continue through life with the benefits of loving God and him loving me without him being the center of every decision, every blessing, every trial, every victory that I'd ever have. Life was much easier when I only had to please myself. Does that make any sense? Fortunately for me, when he is in it, he'll make a way.
As complicated as it may seems and as hard as it may get-- its going to be okay. Just keep your eyes on God.


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