Dear Me,

Dear Me,

I know that you wish you hadn't picked up that extra shift. But lets be realistic here, you gotta do what you gotta do. I know you wish that you'd been faithful to your weight-loss goals but you've just been too tired to go. I know I promised I'd wake up and pray today but sleeping was so blissful, because you finally slept through the whole night. I know this week has felt like forever & EVER, but its Friday  which means tomorrow you get to
 go to church after your last shift of the week. And I know you miss home & your friends, but you know you're in the will of God by being right where you are. 

I know its been one of those weeks, but you've had a great time doing some living lately. Your true hearts desires are beginning to show and your kinda learning to walk on your own. And you've grown up a bit and certain things aren't as important as they once were. Remember, that we started the year of with determination and that you decided to be a better you, a much better you. 

Lets keep in mind all of your favorite things that we've done this week anyways,
1. Started a new book.

2. Found a song that expresses what I feel these days.

3. Sandals @ Payless.
It just means springs coming!
That makes me super happy!
4. My nephew. Yesterday when I got home he gave me two kisses and wanted to play with me.
I love that.

5. Winter Pictures. They just look so beautiful. 

Happy Friday!




  1. I agree. Winter photos are gorgeous.

    You go to church on Saturdays too? what church do you go to?! :)

    1. Yeah, I go saturday and sundays. woohoo!
      and I go to New Life Pentecostal church of Guelph.

  2. That picture of you and your nephew is absolutely precious!
    So glad you stopped by so I could return the favor!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Great post. I think we can all benefit from a pep talk like this from time to time. I found you through Larissa's Linkup. :)

  4. I was supposed to start reading that book a couple months ago, I got it signed by Jodi Picoult herself! Did you like it?


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