"that I'm fat, what else are they gunna say?"

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,

Love like you'll never be hurt,

Sing like there's nobody listening,

And live like it's heaven on earth.” 

Hey! Has anyone ever had a great couple days? Where even if something is going wrong, its alright. Almost like your overjoyed and nothing can bring you down? I've been having this exact emotion for the last couple days. I think it started mid-week. I went home to finally renew my passport because a) its expired, so i can't take any random trips and b) i'm going away in ONE week so ... I needed it.  
Anywho... While at work yesterday, me and my favorite co-worker were talking, she thinks I'm super funny (I am, teehee) and we had such a great time. So work was rather fun and immediately after that I went to the gym.  (woohoo) 

Speaking of the gym, I've been a Goodlife member for more then six years and this year I decided that maybe it was time to change gyms and try somewhere new. Best decision I've made this year? POSSIBLY.  I joined the Athletics club. I went for a tour this week and I was convinced the minute I got inside. Its fancy in there. It makes me feel like a baller. But I know, appearances can be deceiving but I decided that I wanted the grand tour. So what really made me decide to switch gyms after such a long time? A personal all woman's pool, sauna and steam room. Plus, Zumba classes almost every day at different times and a free fitness consultation and personal training session all for the same exact price I was paying at Goodlife. So, I'm sorry Goodlife, until you can offer me the same amenities here in Guelph, we're over. 

So, immediately after work I had lunch with my fabulous coworker and then I headed straight to the gym for my fitness consultation. And to let you know how that went... Just read the following text message below. 

Pretty much that's how that went down. But to be fair, the girl was really nice about. She wanted to know what motivated me. She also gave me a handy new workout regime that she thinks will work very well with my body type. So maybe this year, I'll actually be able to lose the weight I've been saying for the last ten years.

I'd also like to say happy birthday to Tim Horton. If you're Canadian, you know what Tim Horton means to us down here. I do love me some Timmies. 

I'll leave you with a simple question....
What do you guys do when you go to the gym? 

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  1. hi there. Love you blog. You are so funny.
    Well when I go to the gym. I go for an hour. I start off by walking a bit, slowly getting faster, as a warm up. Then I go rogue on the Elliptical machine. so yea.

  2. lol ahahha your hilarious!!!
    welllll i dont go to the gym sooooo.......

  3. Hahaha wellllll I haven't been to the gym since like November! (*gasp* I know! Haha) but when I did go, I would usually just hit the treadmill. If I'm with friends, I'll lift weights and do some ab workouts but I feel weird doing all that by myself lol

  4. I run and walk pretty steep incline, and then my chest burns, and then I do lunges and squats. Ocaasionally I do ab workouts, but its pretty painful, so I'm working on that :) All the best on your journey, and I'm really enjoying your blog!



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