10 Day YOU Challenge: 3 Films.

'Appy Tuesday Mate(s)
I've gone home to london for a week and I worked today from 8 am to 7 pm and was super exhausted!
I am also doggy sitting my brothers dogs and so I went over to his house and remembered HART OF DIXIE PREMIER!
(if you haven't seen this show and love LOVE and southern hospitality, WATCH IT)

Clutch, timbit and Bentley!

so, i tuned into that while eating a subway sandwich.
Now I'm waiting for my clothes to dry so I can shower and head to bed. I have another long work day tomorrow.

Anyways, its the 10 day YOU challenge again and we're at THREE FILMS.
I'm so sad that its almost over but its been really fun! Its been keeping my blog alive the last couple weeks cause I've been so out of it. Need to get bloggin'
I hope you enjoy!
Number One.
Lion King.
Its been my favourite me since the very first time I saw it.
I sing the songs, I quote it.
I mean, c'mon!
Hakuna Matata!!
Number Two.
Sweet Home Alabama

"Why do you want to marry me anyway?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want"
*Sigggh!  Enough said!
Number Three

The Avengers.
Best superhero movie I've seen.
It was so funny, I died.

"We've got a hulk"
Others: Pride and Prejudice, Anchorman, Harry Potter, X-Men First Class, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Megamind, Swing Kids, She's the Man, Pearl Harbour and 300.



  1. We had the same first choice and I love your second and third choice! Glad we can be friends! haha! Movie tastes matter :-)

  2. LOVE sweet home alabama :)

    i am a sucker for a superhero movie too,thought avengers was awesome as well!

    cute blog :)

  3. Love the Lion King even though it still makes me cry every time I watch it, haha.

    Sweet Home Alabama made my list also!

    We just watched Avengers for the first time this past weekend. It was awesome.

  4. i just watched advengers the other night, i must admit it was pretty funny, the hulk made the movie


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