Don't Mind my Face, Just Look at the Clothes and Adventures.

I have come to very sad conclusion that I'm not very photogenic. And it sucks because all these pictures would be so much better if I just didn't look d-u-m-b. I really hate my face, I mean I love my face, but I hate my face in pictures. Its probably because my face is chubby and it looks chubby-ER(do not correct my spelling, I know!) on camera. 
I need to do something about that I think. 

as most of you know I've been sick the last week, so my sister in law wanted to visit this cafe and my brother decided to take her. I was going to stay home and just hang out because I didn't  feel so hot but she told me "hot chocolate might be good for you, lets go!"
so who can refuse hot chocolate really?
so we went on a small adventure that day and decided to take outfit pictures and pictures of the small cafe.
Like I said, Don't mind my face. Not my best day!

This face is priceless. I laughed at myself. I beat you all to it! 

Cardigan: Bluenotes
Skirt: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Wal Mart 

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  1. aha ur so funny! what would you do with out me?.. i know lie in bed like a sick person about to die.. Thank God you have me :)

  2. it is cute to read both of your perspectives on the same adventure! so fun :)

    1. Hahah. Yeah. Except she takes much better pictures than I. Mine were with an iPhone but I enjoy her company.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for swinging by my blog and saying "hi"! You are absolutely hilarious, and I hope you're feeling better. Everything at that cafe looks divine! I just bought that same skirt and really love how you've styled it!

  4. HA! You're adorable! Found you thru the Followers to Friends blog hop! Happy New Follower!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  5. I really need a striped skirt like that one...this whole outfit is so cute! Thanks for linking up to my Sunday Style linky party :)

    1. P.S. Now following your cute blog!

    2. Thank you :) I shall return the favor!


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