10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Today feels like monday, even though its tuesday! (we like tuesdays around here)
This week is going to be busy, I'm taking a break from studying to write up this blog.
I have two exams this week (wish me luck)
One in business math and another in microeconomics. Are you interested?
Cramming as much as I can into this brain of mine!
Well, I'm excited about this weeks Six Places.

I have this love for this place. Its my number one place to go.

London, Ontario
My hometown!
I miss every inch of that place. I don't regret moving away but I get excited everytime I get to go home. 


Pinery Park
My most favourite place on earth. I could spend every day here! Its beauitful.
Plus, when you're getting ready to leave theres a beauitful ice cream stop and canoe/water bike rental place.

Come on ladies, how many hot boys have come from this country?
hm, hugh jackman, the hemsworth brothers.
plus, its hot and theres kangaroos!

Louisiana, USA
Only because my family lives here. And I do enjoy a trip here every so often!

New York City
I have a strong desire to visit this place, mostly because of the broadway!

Honorable Mentions:
Toronto, Ontario
Niagara Falls



  1. Good luck on the exams! It feels like a Monday to me too! I do enjoy taking the occasional trip with my family up to Niagara Falls. I haven't been to any of those other places! Actually, apart from NYC but that was back in the 8th grade (school field trip) and it really wasn't what I had in mind...maybe it is because the school messed up our Broadway tickets)! But all your places look beautiful!

  2. australia is my number one spot for sure!

    england is a close second (sexy accents there too!)

    i went to nyc for the first time this past march and loved it but i can't wait to go back either,so much to conquer still!

  3. Good luck on your exams friend! MMmmmm Hemsworth Brothers :) Yes please!

  4. these places are in my invisible list! :)

  5. Jajaja... I agree w u on Australia!! I love C. Hemsworth!


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