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So, usually I just post fashion blogs. But I want this blog to represent me in almost every way (there are things you don't wanna know, so I'll spare you) hehe
sooooooo, TODAY I decided to link up to a blog that I found by reading Knowing Tanya blog.

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Todays Topic:
T.en S.ecrets

O.ne  I was scared of the dark until I was 12. Growing up with two brothers we shared a room in a small two bedroom apartment. We finally got our own house and I got my own room. It wasn't an easy transition. One day I got fed up with being wimpy scared and forced myself to sleep without a nightlight.

T.wo I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was eighteen. It was such a weird thing, because all my friends had already had like 3 or 4 boyfriends by then. I don't really know why not, it just didn't happen. And when I did get my first boyfriend, I had a small breakdown and worried about committing to young. it was weird.  I'm weird.

T.hree I was a little thief when I was younger. I stole all the time. Stickers, keychains, small objects at the dollar store. I couldn't help it. I wanted it and so I grabbed it. I grew out of it, thank God.

F.our I don't know how to swim. I mean, I can doggie paddle extremely well. But I can't swim like a real swimmer. I always get water in my ears and swallow about a gallon of water. I almost drown all the time no lie.

F.ive I have a really weird fascination with accents. This is probably not a secret, but I love them. I wish I had one. I mean, other then a "canadian accent" (which isn't even a real accent... Eh!)

S.ix I secretly dance in my room all the time. I love it. I love to dance. It makes me feel energized and happy. 

S.even I daydream about being a singer. I wish I had been blessed with a voice that the angels would have been jealous of! I wish I could write songs. I used to want to. But like most dreams, it died.

E.ight I used to write about every sad and emotional event in my life. When I was happy I was never inspired enough to write. I stopped writing because I stopped being sad, and became awesome instead didn't feel inspired anymore. 

N.ine I truly wish I could have a written blog. Don't get me wrong. I love fashion blogs, and those blogs are the ones i follow most. But I want to be able to write... not meaningless things, but things that people will read and inspired from. 

T.en I secretly wish that my future husband would one day come up to me and say something straight out of a Jane Austen novel. I have a weak spot for beautiful words. 

Come back next tuesday, and get to know me more! 


  1. i knew like five of these things about you:) hehe. well not in detail but yayy! i kinda know youu:)! and i agree with u on #7! i wish too!! very interesting! cant wait for the rest!

  2. This was a great read Ruth! My comments if you want them. LOL...

    7)I think you could totally write a song.
    9)I say you pursue this, I can see you have great writing skills, keep at it! Develop it! And inspire others!

  3. So glad you linked up because I am loving your blog! I read your about me and died laughing that you don't like spinach and lettuce. Ha screw salads right!? Anyway I love number 10! Too bad my husband hasn't read a lick of Jane Austin, but a girl can dream! I used to write songs and dreamed of all that but that never panned out...

  4. Hi :) I ran into your blog through the blog hop and I am now following :)
    maybe you could follow back?

  5. Saw your title and like it on the Austin Family Diary 10 days...and came over to follow your GFC. www.onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com


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