My Hearts Desire: Beach Day!

Since I have made plenty of mistakes in the last two years of my life (e.g starting school and dropping out).. I now am in a pickle of sorts. I'm a summer college student. And to my unfortunate lack of luck, this summer has been incredibly hot and beautiful. hot and beautiful weather means beach, which I've had none of. I feel beach, sun, sand and tan deprived. Its breaking my heart. </3

We did manage to get a couple of park days in but only for some major church events like mothers day and fathers day. As much as I do enjoy a nice walk through the trees and mini forests, its no comparison to sitting on towel on the beach while the sun warms up your skin, reading a magazine, listening to music and eventually falling asleep and getting a sunburn! (oh! what a joy those summers have been)

I miss my summer life!

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