I've wanted to change my life for so long. And I thought why not do it now instead of waiting for forever and regretting it later. Change is hard. Nobody likes change. But life changes whether we've decided that its okay or not. I've made it a mission in my life this year to change, but I just didn't know when to start or how to even start. I've decided to change my physique and done great but lacked in the spiritual aspects of my life. I've dedicated extreme amount of time in getting spiritually better but lacked in the physical. I've never been able to combine the two. I am a personal believer that both things are extremely important and have made it my goal this year to change both.

So after about a month of thinking about it I decided to embark on a challenge: Sixty Day. Transform body and soul.

So whats this about? Well its a combination of both things. Challenge your body and challenge your flesh.

So for sixty days ( I started today ) I will be doing the following things.

Reading the bible daily
Learning a bible verse daily
Praying a minimum of once a day ( preferably in the morning )
Attending church service on a regular basis

Exercised 4-6 times a week
Eating Healthier
Cutting out junk food (so hard)

So I'm not writing this blog as a brag, watch me do this kind of deal. I want support. I need support.
I'll be posting daily or weekly blogs on my progress in the hopes that I will receive encouragement from my fellow bloggers or readers. Please leave comments !!!

I promise you! I won't be the same after this! Watch me change :)

God Bless you all.

No More!
(this was a very fun day) 


  1. You can do it! I believe in you!

  2. Ruthy This is so cute! I mean, good!! You can do it. I must agree. I have trouble keeping up with both the spiritual and the physical. I've had the same problem, can never combine the two. But hope to be inspired by you!!! :)


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