** I apologize for the lack of blogs. I'm too busy for my own life apparently.

Todays blog is going to be mostly a picture blog about my CLOTHES.
I love shopping. I love clothes. I love shoes. I love spending. I LOVE LOOVE LOOOOVEEE it.

Funny thing about that is that you'd never have seen this coming a couple years ago. Wasn't until recently that I found that clothes make you feel SO good. well, I'm pretty proud of the clothes that I've been wearing to church lately.. ( not work, i look like a slob always going to work. ALWAYS )

so here ya goo....

Forever 21 skirt.
Forever 21 shirt.
Ordered online.

Blazer: RW&CO
Shirt: Joes
Skirt: Mom made it.
Person: Mom made her. :)

Shoes: WalMart
Shirt: Winners

Skirt: Suzy Shier

Shoes: Ardenes

Well, I hope you enjoyed :)
This week: Bun Happy. ( Pictures of my hairdos these last couple weeks. )


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