What NOT to wear.

Can you believe that it's December? I think it's crazy how this year has gone by. It's going to be 2013 and I'm going to be 23. I guess I can kick the whole 'be married by 23' off the cliff and I can probably assume that I won't be losing 30 lbs by the end of the year... but hey. I did go back to school. So that's one thing I did accomplish. 


 Once upon there was a girl named ______. She truly hated wearing clothing appropriate to make public appearances. You might be wondering why and she'd be glad to explain. Clothing that is made to be pretty is always so uncomfortable. Everything is made a size to small so it fits snug and it means you can't overeat at a party. So one day she decided to go against all politically correct standards and walk out the door wearing this....

Gasp!!!! And as she walked around the busy streets of _______, she ignored all the stares that she received from the people who thought she was homeless she decided that she would continue to go against the norm and always wear clothing that made her look like she was heading to the gym on her fat day. She felt so free!

I dare you to feel like your on top of the world and wear something that you feel comfortable in for a couple hours. Go outside. Take a picture. Tie your hair in a knot and have a dance battle with yourself. 

True story. 

(I was actually taking pictures of my sister in law) 

Enjoy the stories that I make up in my head. 


Channing Tatum, Lance Armstrong and Tim Tebow.,

I literally had the most restless sleep last night. So I'm a little out of orbit today.
Anyways, I don't have an outfit to post this week but I thought I'd write my thoughts down about a couple of things that I've read these last couple weeks.
First I'd like to say congratulations to People Magazine for hitting the nail on the head with this years 'Sexiest Man Alive'

hello Channing!
Channing Tatum: 'People' Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2012!
 Really? What is there to say? Agreeeeed? Yeah, I guess. AGREEED!
I don't think I've agreed this much since Hugh Jackman.
Anyways, Next on my topics is LANCE ARMSTRONG.
I don't know if anyone has been listening or reading whats been going on lately with this guy, but its not good. He's accused of doping (frowned upon in cycling circles) and well apparently he's been found guilty and was stripped of all (seven to be exact) of his tour de france titles. (which..is a big deal!)
So, what are my thoughts?
This is utterly stupid.
I'm not saying he did or he didn't. I'm just saying that he "won" his last race in 2005.
Its like 2012 now, and its not until now that his "teammates" are testifying against. I think thats shady. If it was such a concern why not bring forth your evidence than. When it matttered?
I'm not for doping, I'm just saying, its been 7 years.
Anyways, after he was stripped of his titles, he got dropped by a bunch of his sponsors like nike and oakley.
Dude, the guy raised a bunch of money of cancer. I'd stick by him.
Anyways, I guess, I'm just saying that hes known more for his work with cancer than he is for his cycling career. Lay off.
Tim Tebow.
Quarter back for the Jets.
First, I'd like to say I'm not a football fanatic. I don't even watch football. Mostly because I still don't get it.
But I heard about this guy because of his devotion to his beliefs.
I got intrigued after I heard what he had written John 3:16
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"
on his cheek bones during a championship game. In the next 24 hours he would cause 92 million people to research the verse. (above)
Why do I like this guy?
Because, he's unashamed. In every sense of the word. He sings hymnals to calm his nerves, used to wear bible verses on his cheeks (philippians 4:13) and prays before every game on the field. (tebowing)
I can't imagine what this world would be like if we all simply lived unashamed.
He's be critiques harshly for his skills on the field (which I cannot judge)
But I don't even care.
Can I marry this guy, PLEASE?
Kiddin. Sorta.

There ya have it.
Those are my thoughts.
See ya soon loves.



10 Day You Challenge: Two Songs

Oh No. Its the second last time that we will be doing a Ten Day Challenge. So Sad. 
I want to wish all my fellow Canadians a belated Happy Thanksgiving. Who here eats to much on thanksgiving day? 
Our church got together to share a nice meal and I think we could have fed an entire army.t

Anyways, today's challenge is really tricky. There are a billion songs that I love. 


(I've been staring at the screen thinking, and still nothing) 

Jesus at the center - Israel Houghton
this is the song of the moment. 
I absolutely love it. 


What Hurts the Most- Rascal Flatts
I can fall asleep to this song, study to this song.
Its beautiful.

Honorable Mentions:
Luke Bryan: Apologize

Jesus Culture



10 Day YOU Challenge: 3 Films.

'Appy Tuesday Mate(s)
I've gone home to london for a week and I worked today from 8 am to 7 pm and was super exhausted!
I am also doggy sitting my brothers dogs and so I went over to his house and remembered HART OF DIXIE PREMIER!
(if you haven't seen this show and love LOVE and southern hospitality, WATCH IT)

Clutch, timbit and Bentley!

so, i tuned into that while eating a subway sandwich.
Now I'm waiting for my clothes to dry so I can shower and head to bed. I have another long work day tomorrow.

Anyways, its the 10 day YOU challenge again and we're at THREE FILMS.
I'm so sad that its almost over but its been really fun! Its been keeping my blog alive the last couple weeks cause I've been so out of it. Need to get bloggin'
I hope you enjoy!
Number One.
Lion King.
Its been my favourite me since the very first time I saw it.
I sing the songs, I quote it.
I mean, c'mon!
Hakuna Matata!!
Number Two.
Sweet Home Alabama

"Why do you want to marry me anyway?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want"
*Sigggh!  Enough said!
Number Three

The Avengers.
Best superhero movie I've seen.
It was so funny, I died.

"We've got a hulk"
Others: Pride and Prejudice, Anchorman, Harry Potter, X-Men First Class, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Megamind, Swing Kids, She's the Man, Pearl Harbour and 300.



10 Day You Challenge: Four Books

So, for some reason the last two weeks I've had NOTHING to post on my blog. I think I need some new adventures or something or other. Anyways, I am excited about this weeks post because I LOVE reading. Its one of my favorite thing to do. So I have a bit of books that I love and would be willing to read over and over again. So picking just four is going to be hard. 
Well, I hope everyone has a great week. 

To Kill A Mockingbird 
Harper Lee
So, I read this in high school and thought it was amazing. 

A few years later, I was at chapters skimming the book shelves for a good book to read and saw the a special edition of To Kill A Mockingbird and bought it and re-read. I still love and maybe will read again soon. 

J.M Coetzee
In grade 10 english class I had to pick a novel from a list and write a book report and five minute presentation for the novel of my choosing. The first novel I read was the memoirs of a geisha and DESPISED it. 

and then my second book I chose was Disgrace. I had never heard of the author and just kinda picked because I didn't know what else to pick. 

I did not regret it one minute. Its a great book! 

Harry Potter
J.K Rowling
I know some people out there are haters. And people object because of the magic and darkness of the books but she did a great job of creating a universe and story that continued for SEVEN books. I think I read some of the them twice. If she wrote another book I wouldn't hesitate to read it. 

The Lovely Bones
Alice Sebold 
If I ever need to murder someone this book taught me how to do it leaving no trace behind. After I read this book I think I recommended it to EVERYONE! 

Got some of my friends to read it, also lent it to a friend and never got it back. Now, if only I could remember which friend! 

If you haven't read it, READ IT!  

Other Recommendations:
anything by Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Austen, Emily Griffin, Marian Keyes.
I also liked the 12th Night by Shakespeare. 
I also enjoy Calvin & Hobbes and Archie comics. 
I will also be trying to complete Jane Eyre! and the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy. 



10 Day You Challenge: Five Food

So... I missed yesterday for some reason. Probably because I was at school for a long time and I actually went to the gym for the first time in a couple weeks and have continued to do so THREE TIMES this week. Anyways, yesterdays challenge was Five Foods. I LOVE FOOD.

Not all Chinese. Specifically a place in London called Dragon Gate.
Its so delicious. I still have to find a place like it. 


Spanish Food.
Nuff' Said. 


Mushroom Burger.
It has to be done right. And the mushrooms have to be sauteed correctly. 


Pizza Hut
This restaurant has the best pizza. I have yet to eat a pizza that tastes better.


Jack Astors Beef Chili Nachos 



10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Today feels like monday, even though its tuesday! (we like tuesdays around here)
This week is going to be busy, I'm taking a break from studying to write up this blog.
I have two exams this week (wish me luck)
One in business math and another in microeconomics. Are you interested?
Cramming as much as I can into this brain of mine!
Well, I'm excited about this weeks Six Places.

I have this love for this place. Its my number one place to go.

London, Ontario
My hometown!
I miss every inch of that place. I don't regret moving away but I get excited everytime I get to go home. 


Pinery Park
My most favourite place on earth. I could spend every day here! Its beauitful.
Plus, when you're getting ready to leave theres a beauitful ice cream stop and canoe/water bike rental place.

Come on ladies, how many hot boys have come from this country?
hm, hugh jackman, the hemsworth brothers.
plus, its hot and theres kangaroos!

Louisiana, USA
Only because my family lives here. And I do enjoy a trip here every so often!

New York City
I have a strong desire to visit this place, mostly because of the broadway!

Honorable Mentions:
Toronto, Ontario
Niagara Falls



Fashion Weekend: Long skirts and weird smiles.

I have loved none but you. You alone have brought me to Bath. For you alone I think and plan. Have you not seen this?  Miss Elliot, I can bear this no longer. You pierce my soul. I'm half agony, half hope. Unjust I may have been. Weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant. I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it eight years ago. 
Captain Wentworth - Persuasion

Long skirts make me feel romantic. 

 Taken from Instagram.

Blazer: Suzy Shier (Last year)
Skirt: F21
Tank: Suzy Shier
Belt: Ardenes
Shoes: The Shoe Company (OXOX) 


Don't Mind my Face, Just Look at the Clothes and Adventures.

I have come to very sad conclusion that I'm not very photogenic. And it sucks because all these pictures would be so much better if I just didn't look d-u-m-b. I really hate my face, I mean I love my face, but I hate my face in pictures. Its probably because my face is chubby and it looks chubby-ER(do not correct my spelling, I know!) on camera. 
I need to do something about that I think. 

as most of you know I've been sick the last week, so my sister in law wanted to visit this cafe and my brother decided to take her. I was going to stay home and just hang out because I didn't  feel so hot but she told me "hot chocolate might be good for you, lets go!"
so who can refuse hot chocolate really?
so we went on a small adventure that day and decided to take outfit pictures and pictures of the small cafe.
Like I said, Don't mind my face. Not my best day!

This face is priceless. I laughed at myself. I beat you all to it! 

Cardigan: Bluenotes
Skirt: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Wal Mart 

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